Why Is SEO Important? 4 Compelling Reasons to Invest in SEO

There are over 1.7 billion websites and that number continues to grow each year. With so many websites cropping up each and every day, your business needs a strategy if it wants to rank high in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your business to appear in the search engines. When you consider that about 93% of people don’t look past the first page of their search results, it becomes all the more apparent how important it is to rank high.

So, why is SEO important? In this article, we’ll explore several points that further illustrate why your business marketing should include SEO.

Why Is SEO Important?

The importance of SEO for small businesses cannot be stressed enough.

When your online marketing includes SEO, you’re investing in the longterm success of your business. SEO for businesses helps to build organic traffic.

While a paid ad will boost traffic to your site fast, this spike will begin to drop off once the campaign ends. Paid ads that appear in the SERPs are also expensive and require payments for each month they continue.

Organic traffic is different. SEO helps to build up a reliable online presence for your business. When people search keywords related to your product or service and your website appears in the SERPs, this is called organic traffic.

While the benefits of SEO take a significant investment of time, the results are long-lasting. This is why SEO is such a great investment. Even should your business experience a downswing in profits, your site ranking will help you to weather the storm and continue creating customer leads.

Here are four other compelling reasons to explain the importance of SEO:

1. Organic Search Gives a Huge ROI

The primary purpose of SEO is to build organic traffic. Organic search offers the primary source of website traffic.

According to a study by BrightEdge, about 53.3% of all website traffic comes straight from organic search. That’s a huge return on investment over other forms of paid advertising, which accounts for a low 15% of traffic.

2. Local SEO Can Bring in More Traffic

Now that Google has introduced mobile-first indexing, it’s more important than ever to have a site that’s optimized for mobile devices.

Eighty-two percent of people use their smartphone to do ‘near me’ searches for a business. Local SEO gives your business a chance to bring in customers who are ready to make a purchase. It also offers the opportunity for a small business to rank above larger franchises.

3. Search Engines Drive Traffic

Though social media is popular for communication, advertising isn’t as effective on these various platforms. Search engines drive 300% more traffic than social media. If this stat doesn’t help show the true purpose of SEO, then nothing will.

4. Online Advertising Is More Popular

In 2020, TV advertising will, at last, see a decline. Online advertising using SEO is now set to reign supreme.

It’s predicted that online advertising will be 70% more effective than commercials on television.

SEO Is the Foundation for Longterm Success

Why is SEO important? It’s a vital component of a successful inbound marketing plan. To invest in SEO is to guarantee you’ll reap the benefits for an extended period.

The world of online business is growing and without a presence there, your business will miss out on a massive percentage of consumers. Invest in the future of your business and use SEO to drive consumer leads to your sales funnel.

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