How SEMRush Can Help You Get the Edge With Keyword Research

Anybody who has a website knows exactly how important having an efficient SEO strategy is. With so much competition in the market, trying to get noticed can sometimes feel overwhelming. Having better products and services don’t mean much if you can’t get customers through the proverbial door.

This is the reason why SEO tools have become quite indispensable. You get the help you need to figure out what you need to focus on to land on top of the search results at the lowest cost possible. There are a lot of tools available in the market to choose from. But not all tools are created equals. You need to find one that can give you all the data you need.

One of the most popular SEO tools in the market right now is SEMrush. SEO experts rave about it. Both newbies and seasoned digital marketing specialists can’t seem to get enough of it. Below are some of the reasons this tool has taken the online world by storm.

1. Competitor Research Expert – When it first came out in 2008, there was no other tool quite like it. Traditional SEO tools gave you the ability to search and analyze keywords that you use. You created marketing strategies based on data that was limited. If you were going to run a PPC ad or add content to your site, you made decisions on keywords to use based on your own bright ideas. Traditional tools helped you get quantitative data to show you the possibilities of success.

SEMrush took this a couple of steps further. It allowed you to look at what your competitors were doing. For example, if you sell basketball shoes, you could see what the other vendors are doing to get ranked higher at SERP’s. What keywords are they using? What sites are they linked to? How much are they spending to build their profile? How difficult would it be for your company to rank for a specific keyword?

SEMrush became your superpowers. It took out the guesswork on why others are faring better than you online. As a result, you could make more knowledgeable decisions on how to run your campaigns. Running marketing campaigns transformed from a game of Battleships to chess.

2. Extensive Amount of Data at Your Fingertips – Practically any business owner knows that one needs data to make smart business decisions. This is what SEMrush delivers. It provides a humongous amount of data to help you strategize more efficiently.

For example, if you’re looking to add content, you can use the tool to search and analyze keywords to focus on. The tool will give you a variety of data to make the whole process a lot more efficient. You can begin with just a seed keyword and SEMrush will take care of the rest. You can get long tail keywords, phrase matches and related keywords to make your new content more effective in driving traffic.

But what makes this tool impressive is the fact that the data is available in a variety of easy to understand reports.  You get the information you need because you can customize the reports that you need. You have the option to add filters so you get exactly what you want. Users also rave about the fact that your searches are saved in the system so you can go back and view these at a later time. You even have the option to export reports.

3. Cost Efficient Tool – Some detractors of SEMrush would argue that it is priced a bit higher than other tools. It also does not have a free plan that can turn a few beginners off. But what one needs to understand about SEMrush is that you certainly get value for your money. When you sign up for this tool, you can be assured that it is an investment worth making.

For the basic plan, you get to generate 3000 reports per day with 10000 results each. You can monitor up to 50 social profiles and 100,000 pages to crawl. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. SEMrush provides all the details on their plans upfront on their site so you know exactly what you’re getting. No need to worry about the fine print.

With the efficiency SEMrush delivers, you never have to run campaigns blindly. It eliminates the risks of investing time and money in SEO strategies. You already get a glimpse of the costs and the outcome even before you get the ball rolling.

With over 6 billion searches made every day, it is undeniable just how important it is to get a higher ranking on SERP. To learn more about how you can take advantage of SEMrush in improving your online profile contact us today.