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    Nothing drives away potential clients like a website that looks like it’s from 1999. But if it’s been several or even just a couple of years since you last updated your website, you should consider having it rebuilt. To help you out, here are three things that every small business website needs:

    1. Modern Design

      You want your website to look modern and up-to-date, so simplicity is key. You need to get your message across in as few words as possible in a voice that sounds clear, concise, and personable to your ideal client. Fewer words means less clutter and jargon. That makes a cleaner display for you webpages and drives more conversions. Appealing images help to break up text and create a more personal and aesthetically pleasing user experience for your customers.



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    Online marketing has become a necessity for many companies undertaking their businesses on the internet. This is mostly done through websites and blogs which help companies market their products and services to the globe by providing relevant information to their target consumers. This kind of exposure opens up the market base for any online businesses to a global level. SEO services for your company website ensure high search engine ranking and, thus, more organic, as well as referral traffic to your website or blog. Your website will be ranked according to the context in the content and its relationship with similar high ranking websites linked to you. This traffic can be used to generate useful links and sales.



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    Web designers are often asked the question “does scrolling or clicking provide a better experience for users?”. Scrolling provides the website content on just a single page. More recently it has become apparent that users consider clicking more of a chore and that they prefer scrolling. The proliferation of social media networks has had an influence on user behavior. Infinite scrolling is a new trend in website navigation that extends rapidly from social media networks to any type of website. It would seem that more web developers are trying to add infinite website scrolling navigation on their sites.