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    On Oct 29th I had the privilege of speaking at Georgia Gwinnett College about Online Reputation Management and how that impacts job searches and your career. I had a blast and am grateful for all of the attendees! I promised them an online resource of the material we covered as there was not nearly enough time to get into the details of the subject matter! (more…)


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    6 Lessons Learned From One Month as an Entrepreneur.

    Today marks day 30 of my second round as an entrepreneur. Here are a few things i have learned over the last month. I kept it short and sweet. I hope you enjoy.

    1. Health is priority one.

    Your health is everything. Without an able body you will never enjoy the fruits of your labor. Work hard on your business but work harder on your body and mind. Run, walk, ride, stretch, breathe and push yourself physically. (more…)